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A massive share of $2M in prizes

Running from 7th May – 4th June, play for tournament tickets, cash bonuses, and boosted cashback.

18+; 7/05/20 – 4/06/20; players must participate in the 4 sub-promotions for a chance to win cash, bonuses and/or tournament tickets; qualification requirements vary per sub-promotion; wagering req. and full T&Cs apply.



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Terms and Conditions

The promoter of this promotion is GVC Services Limited registered in Gibraltar under the number 112454 and having its registered office at Suite 6, Atlantic Suites, Europort Avenue, Gibraltar.

    Specific Terms and Conditions

  1. The promotion will run from 00:01 (CET) on 07.05.2020 to 23:59 (CET) on 04.06.2020. (the "Promotional Period").
  2. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer.
  3. By taking part in this promotion, you hereby agree to these Specific Promotional Terms and Conditions and to our General Terms and Conditions at https://help.partypoker.com/en/general-information/legal-matters/general-terms-and-conditions/promotional-terms-and-conditions/promotional-terms-and-conditions.
  4. Defection Party Promotion

  5. This Defection Party Promotion consists of the following 4 sub-promotions: (i) Daily Login; (ii) Cashback Boost; (iii) Challenges; (iv) and Leaderboards; (each a “Sub-Promotion”). Eligible Players who participate in a Sub-Promotion shall be entitled to win a Prize (as defined below). The specific terms for each of the Sub-promotions as set out below.
  6. In order to participate in the Defection Party Promotion, an Eligible Player (as defined below) must satisfy the specific requirements for each Sub-Promotion as set out below, during the Promotional Period. 
  7. Players must:
    1. be over 18 years old;
    2. be a new or existing real- money player with partypoker.com (the “Website”); and
    3. not be excluded as stated in point 7 below.

    (an “Eligible Player”)

    Sub-Promotion Mechanics

    (A) Daily Login:

  8. All Eligible Players who log into their partypoker player accounts during the Promotional Period will automatically take part in the Daily Login Sub-Promotion and will be eligible to win a Prize (as defined below).
  9. The Prize shall be either:
    1. one (1) ticket to a “$500 Hyper Turbo” tournament; multiple tournaments will be held every day during the Promotional Period on the Website (a “Ticket”); or
    2. a Bonus which will be either (i) Release Restricted (as defined below); or (ii) Cash Out Restricted (as defined below) (the “Bonus”).

    Bonus Terms and Conditions

  10. Release Restricted Bonus: The Release Restricted Bonus funds shall be visible in the Eligible Player’s account, but the Eligible Player shall not be available to play such funds, until the Release Bonus Requirements (as defined below) are met.
  11. The Release Restricted Bonus must be wagered x4 in Reward Points (as defined below), within the Time Limit (the “Release Bonus Requirements”).
  12. Once the Release Bonus Requirements are met, the Release Restricted Bonus shall be released, and the Eligible Player can play with it in full.
  13. Cash Out Restricted Bonus: The Cash Out Restricted Bonus funds shall be available to play with but cannot be withdrawn until the Eligible Player meets the Cash Out Bonus Requirements (as defined below).
  14. The Cash Out Bonus must be wagered x10 in Reward Points (as defined below), within the Time Limit (the “Cash Out Bonus Requirements”).
  15. Once the Cash Out Requirements are met, the Eligible Player shall be able to withdraw the Cash Out Bonus.
  16. Loyalty Points

  17. The Release Bonus Requirements and the Cash Out Bonus Requirements (together the “Requirements”) must be met within 14 days from the date the Bonus was placed in your account (the ‘Time Limit’).
  18. An Eligible Player shall lose the Bonus amount if the Requirements are not met within the Time Limit.
  19. All the winnings resulting from the Bonus shall be credited as cash.
  20. Ticket Terms and Conditions

  21. Tickets:
    1. must be accepted within 48 hours; if Tickets are not accepted within the 48 hours, they will expire and will no longer be available; and
    2. cannot be exchanged for cash.
  22. Each Eligible Player shall be entitled to one Prize each day during the Promotional Period if they satisfy the requirements of the Daily Login Sub-Promotions.
  23. (B) Cashback Boost

  24. On specific days during the Promotional Period, a Cashback Boost shall be available to Eligible Players (each a “Cashback Day”).
  25. Players who:
    1. are part of the Diamond Club or Diamond Club Elite Club; and/or
    2. receive cashback offers, excluding the partypoker loyalty offer

    are excluded from the Defection Party Promotion. 

  26. The Promoter shall announce the Cashback Days at random during the Promotional Period on the download client; via email and push notifications directly to the Eligible Player’s accounts, depending on each Eligible Player’s communication preferences.
  27. To participate in the Cashback Boost Sub-Promotion, an Eligible Player must opt-in in the Promotions section available on the download client.
  28. Once opted-in, Eligible Players will be entitled to receive 20% of the value attributed to the partypoker reward points earnt by that Eligible Player on the Cashback Day, as cashback (the “Cashback”). For more information on how to earn partypoker reward points, see https://www.partypoker.com/en/loyalty/cashback (“Reward Points”).
  29. Cashback will be credited to the Eligible Player’s account within 24 hours from the time the Eligible Player opted into the Cashback Boost Sub-Promotion.
  30. Example: if an Eligible Player earns 100 Reward Points on a Cashback Day, that Eligible Player will be entitled to receive $20 Cashback, credited within 24 hours of the Cashback Day.

    (C) Challenges

  31. During the Promotional Period, specific Challenges (as defined below) will be available to Eligible Players.
  32. In order to participate in the Challenges Sub-Promotion, Eligible Players must log into their partypoker account each day during the Promotional Period, account and opt-in to receive Challenges.
  33. Each day during the Promotional Period between 00:01 CEST and 23:59 CEST, Eligible Players who have opted-in to receive the Challenges, will receive one (1) task that the Eligible Player will need to fulfil a random (each a “Challenge”) in order to win a Ticket for a $5,000 Hyper Turbo Tournament.
  34. Eligible Players shall receive one Challenge per day during the Promotional Period and shall be entailed to receive one Ticket per day, only.
  35. The Challenges will vary depending on each Eligible Player’s preferences and previous game history and full instructions will be provided to the Eligible Player in the Promotions section of the download poker client.
  36. Tickets are subject to the same conditions specified in point 12 above.
  37. (D) Leaderboards

  38. During the Promotional Period, Eligible Players who play any of the Games (as defined below) will be entitled to gain points and be entered into a leaderboard to win cash rewards.
  39. The following games will participate in the Leaderboards Sub-Promotion (i) Cash Games; (ii) Spins Games; and (iii) Sit&Go Games (the “Games”).
  40. Eligible Players who play any one of the Games will earn points for the relevant leaderboard as described below.
  41. Three (3) separate leaderboards shall run during the Promotional Period, compiled based on the Eligible Players’ activity per Game as follows:
    1. Cash Game Leaderboard - which will run each Monday during the Promotional Period, from 10:00 CEST AM each Monday to 9:59 CEST on the next Monday.
    2. Spins Leaderboard- which will run every day during the Promotional Period from 00:01 CEST to 23:59 CEST;
    3. Sit&Go Leaderboard – which will run every day during the Promotional Period from 00:01 CEST to 23:59 CEST. 


  42. In the case of any suspicious or fraudulent game play/behaviour, the Promoter reserves the right to exclude players from this promotion.
  43. Where the company suspects that a player is guilty of fraudulent activity, the company reserves the right to suspend or remove that player from the Promotion, and/or suspend that player’s account and/or suspend the Promotion pending further investigation.
  44. We reserve the right to alter, discontinue or terminate the promotion in accordance with the terms of our Standard Promotional Terms and Conditions: https://help.partypoker.com/en/general-information/legal-matters/general-terms-and-conditions/promotional-terms-and-conditions/promotional-terms-and-conditions.